Stripes in Summer

So hi to everyone! This is our very first post on this blog and feeling so excited since we are working on this site for such a long time.Well, i'm Giota,living in Thessaloniki,studying Maths and loving everything about fashion & beauty. We hope you have fun while you are exploring and we promise to do our best to keep you updated[as you can see, site is still under construction].As for the pictures,it was a stunning night around our hot city full of crazy things while we were celebrating my dearest Savina's[soon post of her] birthday:)Hope you have a nice day. big kiss! G.

                                                     I was wearing:
                                           top with stripes:AMERICAN APPAREL
                                          high waisted shorts: AMERICAN APPAREL    
                                                leather clutch:FORNARINA
                                                   silver watch:SWATCH


  1. ek8ampotiki!ante kai kali arxi agapes mou<3


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