Chilly November

Yeahh have a nice month all of you! November is one of my favoutites months of the year since it's a step before December,that i have many reason to celebrate! Well,this is a quick  post about what i wore the other night.Weather was really cold that i couldn't be comfy to shoot any good picture so i hope next time! Have a nice day all of you and thank you for keep supporting and visiting us.Kisses G*

BSB skirt
Toi &Moi t-shirt
h&m knitwear & ring
e-sprit scarf
calzedonia tights
Exe ballerinas
LAPEL leather coat
Zara bag


  1. :D :D likeeee!!!!!!!!!

  2. pl omofa paputsia!
    k to kaskol fainetai fantastiko alla de mporw na katalabw ti sxedio exei panw tu,einai sunefakia?


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