Pariselle's party

Yesterday morning Savina and I had an invitation for the Pariselle's first birthday party.It's located  in the centre of the city and it's so tiny but still so cute shop. Accessories and clothes  are straight  from Paris and the prices are quite reasonable. Pay a visit there and you 'll see it yourself.
Happy birthday Pariselle!!! 


  1. Υπέροχο post! Σας ζηλεύωωω! Ελπίζω να γίνουν κι άλλα τέτοια fashion events τώρα που έρχομαι κι εγώ Θεσσ/νίκη :D

    Kisses xx

  2. what a cute store: I loved the black and white dress!! where is it located?

  3. in Thessaloniki in Greece, soon she's gonna create an e-shop!! so stay tuned honey..

  4. Thank you girls!! I love your blog!! ;-)


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