By the sea

Truth is I've always had a huge crush on jeans stuff.This is the first  try of my new jeans shirt on the blog , combined with pants , a pop-coloured bag and a bow on neck - instead of  necklace- for a spring relaxing day . Next challenge will be jeans on jeans, something that I'm falling for but a lot of you don't appeal that much. Wait for your opinions! Giota *

Desigual pants
H&M shirt,rings
Zara bag
All star converse sneakers
Oxette swatch ,pearl blacelet


  1. 7 και 9 φωτογραφίες υπέροχες!Μ'αρέσει το τζιν με λεοπάρ πολύ ωραίο στυλ!Μουτς μουτς!♥
    Style LimeLight

  2. Love the look, and the bow is really cute!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  3. poli wraio stil giwta mou.... teleio xrwma to tsantaki!!!


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