Missing summer

This is a different post that  I used to upload but I had a huge willingness to talk about something different today .So let's talk about summer , my favourite season by far. Falling into tan, coctails, watermelon , flip flops , thousands of bikinis , swimming , changing my location every 3 days, travelling abroad , spending time with friends , pop colours ,being  day to night at the beach ,clubbing till the sun comes out and so many other things, I really can't keep patient for the next couple of months. What about you? How are you used to spend your summer ? G*


  1. thelw na erthei kalokairi!!!super photos!!!

    Style LimeLight

  2. gorgeous pics. i miss summer already, over here in sydney it wasn't very nice this year! love the white bikini!

  3. koritsaki mou oi fotos sou einai polu glukies k'mena mou leipei to kalokairi alla akousa pws thn pempth 8a exei 28 ba8mous opote mallon eftase polu nwris fetos!polla filia,


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