Kind of rock

Lately I've been pretty attracted by every sinle piece of leather .Trousers , dresses , gloves etc. Not only are they so fashionable but they also keep you warm and comfortable . This time a jacket with leather sleeves combined with my super beloved ankle boots [first birthday present] , pants with zippers  in green shades and gold details . Today I'm turning 22 and I couldn't be  happier for having being surrounded by people who love and support me and I couldn't do a lot of things without them . A huge thanks and much love to you for being here even if it's behind a screen . My life would be very different. Soon a birthday outfit post .
 kiss , G*

Zara pants , ankle boots
Georgina Kostara jacket
H&M top
Jewelicious bracelets


  1. Happy birthday darling! you look amazing!

  2. Τέλειο, τελειο τελειο το λουκ! Χρόνια Πολλά κι απο 'δω αγαπάκι μου!!


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