Crop Tops

Recently I have been falling in love with Crop Tops,
 do you like them? 

I think they rock they can make you look more cooler than you think.But in my opinion is a "tough" trend, is  not appropriate for all the body types, the belly should be flat and worked  out..

As you can see Hanneli Mustaparta is the master of the crop top trend..



  1. It took me a while to warm up them but now I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  2. Geia sou koukla!!! Ego me to Pilates pou kano xronia exo kanei foverpus abs,alla sta 40 den nomizo oti mporo na to foreso auta...Pantos sta magazia tha dokimaso!!!
    Kisses gorgeous girl with a great blog!!
    I love Diane Krueger's style!!!!

  3. I've felt in love with this tops, too! It turns every look into cool, edgy and trendy. But I agree - the body or rather belly should be well trained ... Kisses from Vienna,


  4. they are amazing!!
    i love them too!!
    and great post!!
    xxx maria

  5. you are going to look great in a crop top like these my dearest, can't wait for that post!!
    kisses from,

  6. love your blog. found you through Lena at Quality Rivets!
    i've just fallen in love with crop tops even though my middle part won't allow me to wear them just yet.
    a new follower,



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