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Those special moments

It was one of those days that you can't keep your tears from happiness and joy . I wanted something more formal than the usual outfits but still in my cup of tea . At my feet the most comfortable wedges I have ever worn and a maxi dress with fringes with golden details .  Have a nice summerish day babies , kiss G*

Greek Summer

Sunkissed skin,white & blue, flat sandlas,bright sun.. ohh yes all that cliche of a greek summer For this outfit I get inspired from my wonderful country  Hope you like it!
Bisous, Savina

You Can Leave Your Hat On

I know a lot of you you' re not gonna like this outfit cause it's a bit weird but I really like the result! It differs from my other outfits but I hope you like it!

Bisous, Savina 
Stay stylish!

Primadonna girl

Hello blossoms ! The hole-shirt and the neon bracelet are my latest obsession and I want to combine them with wearable outfits day to night . Tomorrow I'm hidding again for some sales shopping . Have you made any good purchase yet ? Wait for your thoughts! Kiss , G*

Pleasure Me Red

This is what I wore at my birthday dinner.. Leopard and red is a combination that I love! Hope you like it..
Have a creative week Bisous, Savina

Random G*

Have a relaxing Sunday !

Yellow & Blue: Birthday Girl

Today is my B-day, I'm turning 22! I don't want.. but that's life :D First time I'm trying this color combo: yellow and blue and I have to say that is quite good..
What do you think of?
xoxo Savina  ;)


Found these really old jeans in my closet was a great opportunity for a black and white outfit that matches perfectly with my sunkissed skin . Me , like it ! You ? ps: Tomorrow it's Savina's birthday , don't forget to wish the best to my love . kiss , G*


Today the weather is sooo hot that I can't wear anything but shorts, shirt and sandals.. The temperature is about to reach 40+ degrees! P.S: This elephant necklace was love at first sight..
kisses Savina ;)

Think Pink

I  like so much to combine this (so sweet) pink pants with glam rock accessories, such as my new necklace and my  skull clutch! Hope you like it.. Wish you a great weekend!
Hugs Savina..

P.S : It's been unbearably hot lately, hopefully it cools down soon!

Hot hot hot

It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes ... You know those lyrics, not in the nasty way but heat seems to be unbearable these days . So here it is a very quick post since wifi connection is rare in this hopeless place but I' m trying to do my best . Stay tuned . kiss , G*

Summery Colors

Have a wonderful day Hope you like it guys! Wait for your lovely comments..
Hugs at you Savina ;)

So Custo

Finally I made it ! After this hectic month , full of studying and nothing else I 'm back . After having spent the weekend by the sea with my friends , it's high time I concetrated on the blog and watch everything I missed this period . What about you ,are you already on holidays ,do you have  any plans ? As for the outfit ,this Custo Barcelona dress bought in Barcelona a year ago but worn for the very first time combined with super high wedges was perfect for  warm weather !  kisses , G *