Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flowers & Leather

One of my favorite outfits ever.. 
I took a girly dress like this and incorporate it into my style combined it with my all time favorite Gestuz leather jacket and my brandnew handmade lunch bag by CLIC JEWELS.. 
Isn't it gorgeous?
I just loved it..

As for my eyeglasses they re of course from the best optic shop ANTIKATZIDIS OPTICS


New Ins

New sneakers..
You already know my addiction to sneakers and especially to NIKE sneakers.. 
This pair is my 3rd Airmax and my 6th generally..
Just to inform you airmax sneakers are not appropriate for the gym they re for strolling..

I didn't know it too, don't worry  ;) 

Stay tuned for the worldwide celebration on 26th of March


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winner of the Giveaway

And the lucky winner of this gorgeous NAZEZHDA backless top is no.35 Natalia Koun..

Want it!!!
Natalia koun
Congrats girl..It is a unique piece..


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Velour Sunnies

My third maybe fourth camel coat and I think I am overdone..
One of my favorite color triplet is this, camel black and white..I find this color combo so elegant..
What do you think?

Unfortunately you can't discern the detail of my sunnies..There are velour..How cool is that??

And of course they re from the best ANTIKATZIDIS OPTICS




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