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blue mohair & dark floral

This outfit is all about layers. When it's too cold for just one dress, the solution for me is to put a mohair jumper over it and a pair of jeans under it. As I said before I love this dark floral dress,which by the way is gonna be one of the biggest trends for spring.  Like it? Savina

parma violet & emerald

I tried teaming a purple knitwear with emerald green dress for a glam and trendy getup. I took a classic approach with the footwear and throwed in a pair of western boots. Hope you like my combo! PS I don't know why I clenched my fist like Kisses, Savina

green stole scarf

I chose a tailored shiny blazer & pants for a trendy and easy going look  for a Saturday lunch with parents and friends . For footwear I went down the classic route with suede pointed. Added  a jolt of fun to this semi cold-weather look with a faux fur stole in bold color. Kisses, Savina

floral dress & oversized jumper

If there's one thing we're certain about from the past  months of fashion, it's that 2017 was the year of the dress and so 2018 will be. It really seemed like everyone was obsessed with frocks. But we're not talking about simple Little Black Dresse's  here: The dresses of the year took the form of bold hues and prints, with flirty, floaty shapes and occasional statement sleeves.  When I first saw this Essentiel antwerp dress it was a first sight love (unfortunately now is out of stock cause I bought it before Christmas but there are simirals in the market! take a look here )  Kisses, Savina

lilac mongolian

The blog is back in business and so am I!!! One of the biggest a/w 2017 trends was feathers , fun , fur and fluff and one of the biggest s/s 2018 trend is gelato hues. I somehow found these two trends  combined  in one jacket, perfect for our crazy hot and cold weather. This combo of a lilac coat and orange knitwear will attract attention for all the right reasons. Make sock boots your footwear choice to instantly up the chic factor of any outfit. Lately I found myself inspired by Norwegian bloggers! I so much love Scandinavia, sooo different style, minimalistic yet so interesting! Can't wait to show you more of my looks.. Kisses, Savina