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I Would Wear

Something I would definitely wear on a stroll from day to night..  Would you? Savina Don't miss the Mytilakis sandals #GIVEAWAY#

Giveaway with Mytilakis Shoes

NEW GIVEAWAY IS ON!  The summer is here so I couldn’t imagine something better than a sandals giveaway… Savina

On Trend: Kimonos

From floral printed styles to long flowing and open sleeve styles, this trend is the perfect way to add a little something to your wardrobe. I found for you the top 5 kimonos in the best prices.. I've already owned 2 & 4.. I like kimonos either in dark colors or in more pastel colors Which one is your favorite? Savina


Some of my latest snapshots on my insta account.. If you want more daily updates you can follow me  here ->  savina_dos Savina

Striped Basic Tee

Back to basics I have a thing with breton stripes and I was looking for a perfect tee  (relaxed and minimal) which I can combine it from ripped boyfriend jeans to skirts and I think I found it.. The winner of the summer choies Giveaway is no.40 Diana colantoni  Congrats girl  soon you will get an email from choies to receive your gift.. below you can find the draw (photo) Savina

Flower Kimono

BEST KIMONO EVER Finally I am here with a brand new post with the new trend: kimono.. Throw it over simple and monochrome pieces and it will look gorgeous So...  Do you like my way? Oh do you notice my new hair color..? I dye them black/darkest brown.. Like them? -DON'T MISS THE CHANCE TO WIN A 50$ GIFT CARD FROM CHOIES TO BUY YOUR NEW SWIMWEAR- ENTER HERE ONE DAY LEFT.. This post is dedicated to my best supporter Xrysa from FASHIONISM Love you