Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Thessaloniki

Finally VFNO was held to our city !! Of course S and I were there,exploxing all the new trends and meeting happy and shinny people! One of them was the most stylish,beloved and well-known stylist Alexandra Katsaiti! We were so excited about this meeting and felt so honoured to hear her advice! Then we do some shopping,walk through many shops etc. Surely we'll be there next year! kisses G.


  1. axxxx tin AGAPW!einai h agapimeni mou stylistria stin ellada!tuxereees!
    kai eseis den pate pisw kouklitses moy<3

  2. k meis thn agapame..einai monadikh k xarhkame polu pou milisame mazi ths..:DDDDD

  3. Πολύ ωραίες οι photo από FNO! :D
    Τι καταπληκτική βραδιά!


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