Mint & Neon

Quick post today of what I wore in a city walk. Weather is beyond amazing and light clothes are wearable day and night . This time neon pochette and nude top combined with my brand new necklace by Athena Ioannidou .

Zara shorts
H&M top
Tommy Hilfiger shoes
Folli Follie pochette
Athena Ioannidou necklace


  1. mint oh mint!
    mareseis kai to kolei sou einai teleio!!
    ante perimenw pws kai pws na mas peite leptomereies gia auta ta kosmimata!!
    ps. me geia to mallaki sou eipa????

  2. so effortless and hip! The necklace lovely whimsical addition! :)

  3. τελειο το κολιε και το look! σας ειδα και στο lucky ;)

  4. I should get my summer clothes out too. The weather is perfect.

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?


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