Lierac and Phyto

Last week Lierac & Phyto ,a French company of skin care and hair care , sent us this wonderful package with many testers and products so as to try them . We are extremely happy to announce that we are completely pleased by the quality and the results . If you add the fact that in this period our skin is so in need of hydration due to countless hours under the sun , Lierac products did their job perfectly . Also for damaged hair Phyto's conditioner was the best way to have back easy - combed and shinny hair . Last but not least , the body scrub that results to velvet skin like those of babies with the exquisite smell of rose . You can find more details on the  Lierac website and soon on Phyto's . We are honoured to review some of these products and we can't wait for the next . Thank you !

Lierac make up remover 
 Phyto conditioner for damaged hair
 Lierac body scrub


  1. Kai ego latrevo ta prointa LIERAC!!!!! Tha kano kai ego ena post sintoma!!!

  2. Νομίζω αυτό για τα μαλλιά είναι ότι χρειάζομαι!!!

  3. Πολύ ωραία φαίνονται και το τσαντάκι φανταστικό!!!

  4. teleia to proionta...prosfata parelaba kai egw ta deigmatakia!!


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