Hair Issue

I got an email from a wonderful reader that suggested to me why not to change my hair color into a rich brown hue like Hanneli's Mustaparta..

And I've got to say that I am thinking of it intensely..The truth is that I fed up with the blonde highlights because I have them 5 years and I would like to get back to my natural color

So the next days I have an appointment with my hairdresser to discuss how to get rid of the blonde hair

Plus: I love Hanneli's dark hair color

I would like to know your opinion..



  1. well, I'm also thinking to change my hair color and bring back my natural dark hair.So i would say yes, do it , for the very same reasons i desided it.(good for your hair to have a break, it's a safe change cause it is your natural color ). And i also think a dark color will give you a stronger face. I like her hair on the second pic, would definitely recomment!

  2. Well I really do like your hair like it is now, so I wouldn't want you to go dark all the way, but it's your choice, I bet it would look nice on you! XO

  3. I say yes! Do it! It would look great on you! However the blonde highlights will come up again so you'll probably have to dye them a few times to get that result. Blonde is a difficult color to get rid of.

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  4. I think you hair is perfect now and you don't have to change it at all but it's up to you to decide;)

  5. I like the one in the top right hand corner

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