Uni days

Good morning people! As you all know, university days are the most busy during the week. As you have already noticed, I mostly like comfortable clothes that can keep me warm and comfy all day.Even though I adore high heels-especially the extreme ones-I'm not used to wear them,despite the fact that i'm only 5,2, so i choose the flat solution. :). That's from me.Have a nice weekend! kisses,G*

Ralph Lauren blouse
Desiqual pants
Zara boots
Lollipops bag
Lapel coat
Fokas scarf
hat bought from a local shop


  1. maresei o sundiasmos k to kapelo.
    ta ruxa moiazun pragmatika bolika,eidika to panteloni.

  2. nice combination girl!I love red with brown! ;)
    it seems so comfortable!

  3. Nice color combo!

    Loved your bag!


    Xoxo from Japan


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