Before the storm

Happy Easter! This weekend we celebrated Easter in Greece so we had the chance for a long trip in countyside. These photos was taken in the place where I spent most of my summers and make me feel so relaxed and calm.Hopefully me and weather had really good timing since after the last shoot the first raindroms appeared. That's from me. G*

Zara jumper & shorts
Margit Brandt necklace
Sense shop boots


  1. teleio xrwma h mplouza

  2. ενα απο τα καλυτερα σου συνολα γιωτα μου!!! σου παει πολυ το κιτρινο με το νεο μαλλι!!!

  3. poli orea i bluza sou kai afto to kolie s to eroteftika :-)

  4. υπεροχο χρωμα το πλεκτο σου !

  5. Loved the combination of the shorts, and the yellow knit!
    I had the same title in one of my posts a few months ago. haha :)

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?


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