Weirdo combo

I know that most of you will loathe pink with red colour together but I really cherish it as like the green-blue and white-yellow combinations ! It seems that with darker hair I have more options to wear bright colours without looking like Barbie ,right? Nevertheless , days are running pretty well since relaxing is the only goal to be achieved during holidays and it's about time we headed to countryside . What are your plans? 

Zara vest & pants
Fratelli Karida heels
Ralph Lauren shirt


  1. maybe pink/red colors are difficult combination, but u made it work! i cherish it with u! (:
    Prefer your hair color much more like that!!

    Have a nice day!!

  2. me geia to malli glykoula mou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sou paei poly!!!
    kai oso gia ton syndyasmo kokkino roz panta eimai yper!!!!!!

  3. I love the pink/red combination, and I think you look great with darker hair!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  4. Fun & strange! What about pink & orange?

  5. poly wraio to mallaki sou k sou paei to kokkino..
    8a sou pigaine k ena makri kare...


    1. euxaristw polu! to eixa arketa xronia pros to kare !


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