Vodka and gold makes me a Russian

Festive days have always been a reason for exaggeration , hanging out countless hours , go shopping , eat   unlimited food and candies for me . And so I do this season but in a more fashionable way ;) . New in in my wardrobe this brocard blazer which was love at  first sight and off course I could't leave without it . As for the rest of the outfit I kept it low so as to dedicate the whole attention to blazer and gold shades . Regarding the header I'm a huge fan of gold and vodka , surely I was a Russian in a previous life :) .
Merry Christmas fellows !
Χρόνια Πολλά !


  1. nice outfit! xronia polla girls :D

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  2. ΦΑΝΤΑΣΤΙΚΗ! Τελεια, τελεια! Χρονια πολλά κοριτσάρες!!

  3. Love your blazer!

  4. love your dress!


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